The Department of Haematology at MedilabS provides a full range of tests and services for general and special haematology and coagulation studies.

Our laboratory is equipped with a variety of modern analysers, including the fully automated ABX Pentra 80 cell count analyser with autoloading capacity and a sample throughput of more than 120 tests/hour and the ACL coagulometer which means we can provide a high quality service, meeting the needs of clinical users and patients in and around the region.

The Department of Haematology provides both clinical and laboratory services for the diagnosis and treatment of all blood and blood related disorders. Clinical services include the following:

General Haematology
  • Nutritional and haemolytic anaemia
  • Auto-immune haematological disorders
  • Primary and secondary marrow failures
  • Problems arising from transfusion of blood. Blood products and haematological disorders associated with other systemic diseases
  • Managing bleeding disorders arising from platelet/clotting factor deficiency, congential or acquired
  • Diagnosis and management of thrombotic disorders
  • Support the management of patients with haematological malignancies
  • Provides routine and specialised haematological investigations

Specialist testing services The department also offers specialist haematological testing services for other hospitals in the region for referral investigations into thrombosis and haemophilia, haemoglobinopathy,etc.